About our Testosterone Clinic

About Us

At The Testosterone Clinic.com, we know that Testosterone is a very important, and how we can use testosterone therapy to help you look, feel and perform like a man in your 20s!

Testosterone is vital to your strength, vitality, and wellbeing. However, you produce less testosterone the older you get!

If you are looking for a testosterone clinic that can help you replace what time and nature take away, you have come to the right place!

Testosterone Clinic is a pioneer in testosterone therapy and other hormone therapies, such as growth hormone therapy.

The leader of our testosterone therapy team is a recognized expert in developing hormone therapy. Our testosterone clinic is a leading testosterone therapy center. We have been treating men with low testosterone issues since 1993.

How To Choose Your Testosterone Clinic

There are many different doctors and testosterone clinics that offer testosterone therapy. How do you choose the right one?

To start with, you should never choose your testosterone clinic based on price. The costs of testosterone therapy varies greatly from testosterone clinic to clinic. As in every other industry you get what you pay for.

Testosterone therapy is serious business, and your health is no place to cut corners! If the cost of a testosterone therapy program seems “too good to be true,” follow you gut instinct, and steer clear!

Beyond that:

You want a testosterone clinic that gets to know you, and knows your lifestyle. You want him or her to take a detailed medical history, and run complete blood tests, before your testosterone doctor prescribes any kind of hormone therapy.

You want to be sure your testosterone clinic only uses bioidentical hormones for your hormone therapy. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, or BHRT, uses hormones that are the exact molecular duplicate as those produced by your body. Bioidentical hormones are custom made for your needs by a compounding pharmacist.

Experience matters. Hormone therapy has become increasingly popular over the last for years. Testosterone clinics for men have been popping up everywhere to “cash in.”

But, none of these “Johnny Come Latelys,” have anywhere near the skills, or experience of the doctors of Testosterone Clinic.com.

In fact, our medical director was prescribing hormone therapy, while many of the doctors at these upstart testosterone clinics were still in High School!

Diagnosis and Testing of low Testosterone

Before you can begin any kind of testosterone therapy, you must have your testosterone levels evaluated.

The only way to determine if you have low testosterone, is with proper diagnosis and testing. The first step is a blood test.

Testing your hormone levels by taking a sample of blood, and subjecting it to sophisticated lab analysis is more accurate than any other method. Your blood test will confirm if hormone therapy should be prescribed for you. Most other testosterone clinics use saliva tests, because they are cheaper, and easier to do. That is one way they deliver hormone therapy at rates that may be cheaper that the Testosterone Clinic.com, however, our blood tests are way more accurate.

Remember, what is normal for you, may be different for someone else, and that is why we use the latest in diagnostic tools, and our years of expert analysis to determine the hormone therapy program that is most appropriate for your individual needs.

How Our Testosterone Clinic is Different

We only use bioidentical hormones for our hormone therapy programs.

Bioidentical hormones mean these specially compounded hormones are exact duplicates on the atomic and chemical level as your “real” hormones. Created from all natural sources, bioidentical hormones are a safer and more effective form of testosterone therapy. Hormone therapy with bioidentical hormones usually has a lower risk of most of the negative side effects associated with their synthetic counterparts.

Bioidentical testosterone therapy is often prescribed for sexual wellness issues such as loss of libido and erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. Testosterone therapy has a positive effect on men who have been experiencing a decreased sex drive and performance issues.

Testosterone therapy can help women with sexual dysfunction issues too!

In addition to increasing the libido, bioidentical testosterone therapy also:

  • Encourages heart health
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis by improving bone density
  • Fights fat
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Improves mood
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves focus and cognition

We are also the only testosterone clinic that you can find in your area that offers Genetic Screening and Guaranteed Results!